but actually though
  • Normal people: I can't wait to have my own place so I can stay out late, get drunk and be as loud and messy as I want.
  • Me: I can't wait to have my own place so I can buy my own food and organize my fridge and kitchen and cook awesome healthy meals in it and have a closet dedicated to workout gear and my own little yoga space and motivational/feel-good things everywhere omggg.

Tumblr followers I need your help!

I am debating on doing a fitness “revolution” at my gym or in other words a fitness challenge. My problems with i is one that it is $80 to join and my funds are kind of low right now. However, I feel if I joined it would push me to lose those extra pounds I’ve been trying so hard to lose already! Has anybody done a challenge like this and benefited from it? Or should I just trust my boyfriend when he says it’s a waste of money. It starts Saturday and ends in April. With or without the challenge I’m gonna act like I am in it either way.